8 years old girl Audrey solemnly held her personal new fashion design product release press conference whose theme is “Fan-Sister” in Palm Springs International Club

October 31 05:28 2017
New Fashion Design Product Release Press Conference – “Fan-sister” of 8 years old Girl Audrey

8 years old girl Audrey solemnly held her personal new fashion design product release press conference whose theme is “Fan-Sister” in Palm Springs International Club in Shenzhen city on 28th October. Hundreds of leaders in education, fashion celebrities, enterprise executives gathered in the conference, decades of mainstream media like Tencent Vedio, Youku Vedio, Tencent News, Sina News, Huanqiu, Netease News, Harper’s Bazaar, Ynet, Mina and Nanfang Metropolis Daily went there to cover the new product release press conference.

The press conference was co-planned and co-produced by Shenzhen Visionhua, Shenzhen Elite Model, and co-organized by Yileyuandi, Shenzhen Michi scissors Culture Communication Co. Ltd, POVA, Memeda Studios, YMM Art Education International Group, New Silk Road Group. Sources said the press conference took half of a year from the early planning to the end of preparation. This new fashion design product release press conference had rocked the fashion world and made the leading role Audrey become a focus of attention.

Born in 2009, Audrey started to learn graphic design when she was 3 years old. Furthermore she won many times contest prizes with her works. Influenced by her family and the growth environment, Audrey showed her high artistic tendencies from an early age and was sensitive to color and line, who embraced the enlightenment of art long term. It is said that the original design drafts of new clothes in the press conference are all from her past works.

The press conference began with Dorm’s catwalks, which is really wonderful. The atmosphere was relaxing and jovial. There were many garments staging and introduced in the conference, which designed by Audrey herself, brought her audiences an impressive and beautiful visual feast. As the finale, the brand Fan was also designed by Audrey herself, a series of clothes full of imagination and creation. The colors are rich and bright;the fabric seems very texture; the creative design model are full of rhythm in the clothes. Fan brand had fully reflected the interesting inner world of girls, also had won waves of warm applause from the audiences there.

In the press conference, her sister MS Xu Yian came to stage with wearing dress designed by Audrey. Girl’s temperament matching fashion and creative clothes made her look amazing. Ms Xu Yian also expressed her love to the clothes designed by her sister and thanked her sister for this press conference with love. People could tell their sisterly love directly from Ms Xu’s words. Audrey said in the interview that the inspiration of her works in this press conference all from her sister. She hope her sister could stand on the bright stage with wearing clothes designed by her and enter her temple marriage happily.

The press conference specially invited the principal Deng Jinbiao and vice principle Wang Ling of Shenzhen Nanshan Second Laboratory School to come to the conference, the school Audrey studied.Vice principle Wang made the opening speech and highly appreciated Audrey’s performance at school and expressed his support to Audrey because she could make full of the time to develop her hobbies.

After the press conference, main honored guests recognized and highly appreciated Audrey of this conference in the interview. From their perspectives, this is a creative new product release press conference, also full of young fashion. The conference totally changed their expectation to the development of new generation.

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